Untitled       2015, oil on canvas, 90x90cm  For sale £1200




                                         Holding        2015, oil on canvas, 100x100cm




                                        Koerper          2015,  oil on canvas, 100x100cm

                                                               For Sale £1200







                              Passion  Inspired by Meret Oppenheim and Bridget Riley
   Oil on board, 20x22cm     #artistsupportpledge       

                       First painting in 2015. Inspired by Paul Nash. And now. 
                      Oil on board, 19 x 22cm  #artistsupportpledge

                      Homage                Oil on canvas, 90x90cm    For sale £1200

                                        WIR         oil on board, 24x19cm   #artistsupportpledge      •